About Us

NepSouk is all about you - Our aim is to empower every person in the country to independently connect with buyers and sellers online. We care about you - and the transactions that bring you closer to your dreams. Want to buy your first car? We’re here for you. Want to sell commercial property to buy a home for your family? We’re here for you. Whatever job you’ve got, we promise to get it done.

We empower people to upgrade their lives. Our products and services make the exchange of goods and services easy and convenient for everyone. This benefits local communities and beyond, getting one step closer to a world without waste. and we work differently too..

What We Do

We are just a platform for selling, buying, recruiting, finding, publishing or whatsoever activities and functionalities available on the website. In another word, we are a bridge between sellers and buyers or seeker and recruiters or vendor and consumers.

User or visitor can directly contact to advertiser or lister by email, phone contact or PMS ( provides personal messaging system) for the deal they are concluded in. Therefore, we are not responsible for any payment, quality of the product or service offered by advertisers, sellers or vendors or publishers. For more information, kindly visit our Terms Of Use.

We do NOT allow to advertise or list any item, product or service restricted or banned by Government of Nepal. For more information, kindly visit our Restricted Items.

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